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Monday, November 30, 2009

National Meet

It is important that this information gets to anyone on your team who is going to the national champs. I think this is all the information that they will need but it has to get into their hands. I am relying upon you to get it to them. Make certain they understand if there are any questions, contact me as soon as possible.
Thanks for all your help in passing information along to the parents. You have done a tremendous job this year. Wish all the kids good luck next week and pray for nice weather.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

postseason meet (and 100th CYO track post!)

Here is an email from Mary Ellen about the postseason.

To all,

I have attached directions to the race on Saturday. It took a couple of tries to actually find this place. Parking will be an issue. My guess is that there is room for about 80-100 cars in all the lots at the park. The overflow will be asked to park in the lot for the Bethlehem Baptist Church. The lot is located at the light at Behtlehem Pike and Trewellyn Ave. There will be shuttles taking people from this lot back and forth to the park. The overflow lot is located about 0.7 miles from the starting line. It is a walkable distance and you will be walking on roads through a neighborhood and on park roads if you choose to walk. If you find that the lots in the park are full, you can drop the kids off by the flagpole and then go back to park.

The course walk is at 8:30 AM. The courses are all very confusing. They loop and cross over. I think that all athletes must walk the course. In the woods there are multiple trails and I do not know for a fact that marshals will be at all places where turns are made. It will be your responsibility to know the course. I recommend that all athletes be in the park between 8-8:15 on Saturday morning.

The starting line is just off the first base line of the baseball field in front of the pavilion. We have received permission to set up our tents on the infield of this field. We can line them up along the fences on first and third base line. I think that we had 8 tents coming so this would be great. I will have signs made to identify which tent is for which age group.

When you arrive, find the tent for your age group. Find your age group coach and get your number. It would be best to do this BEFORE the course walk. At the moment, I have all the numbers (except the two late entries) and I will give them to the age group coaches on Saturday. I will have pins for all the groups.

The age group coaches are:
Primary Girls (subnovice) -- Nativity of Our Lord
Primary Boys (subnovice) -- St. Stanislaus
Bantom Girls (novice) -- Our Lady of Grace
Bantom Boys (novice) -- Sacred Heart, Oxford
Midget Girls (minor) -- St. Ignatius
Midget Boys (minor) -- St. Agnes, West Chester
Youth Girls (cadet) -- St. Anastasia
Youth Boys (cadet) -- Sts. Philip and James
Intermediate Girls (high school) -- see Mrs. Malloy

Obviously, if someone would like to assist the coach, that would be greatly appreciated. Some of the age groups are rather large. I will have updated team lists for each age group coach because there have been numerous changes made.

You will walk the course with your group. PAY ATTENTION TO THE COURSE! Bring extra shoes and several extra pairs of socks. The course is very soft and muddy. If it rains at all between now and Saturday, it will be even worse. If your shoes or socks are wet after the course walk, put on dry ones. If you are wet after the warmup, put on dry ones for the race and the same for after the race. Spikes are definitely recommended for this course.

Warmup with your group. Make sure that you have the red CYO shirt and black shorts or tights. The weather forecast for Saturday is possible chance of showers with the highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. This meet will take place no matter what the weather. Come prepared. No one should be racing in sweats or long sleeved t-shirts. No hats should be necessary. You want to be light and quick.

Awards will be given out in the chute after the race. At least the top 20 in each race will be given awards. When I left today, they were discussing if they wanted to give out more. I guess that we will know on Saturday. Any team awards should be given to me by the end of the day.

The majority of the paperwork for nationals has already been handed in. There are a couple of folks who need to finalize some things. If anyone who is running as an individual decides to go to the national meet, I MUST KNOW ON SATURDAY. Saturday is the last day for paperwork and fees for nationals. You are permitted to change your mind and go but I need to know before I leave on Saturday.

I will be working in the finish chute all day so you know where you can find me.

Good luck and have a good time on Saturday.

Mary Ellen Malloy

Penllyn Woods Directions

From PA Turnpike:
Exit Turnpike at Fort Washington Exit (#26). Take Route 309 North to Spring House / Norristown Road Exit. Turn left onto Norristown Road. At the third traffic light (Bethlehem Pike), turn Left. At the next light turn Right, Blue Bell Penllyn Pike (Harleysville National Bank will be on the corner). Take Blue Bell Penllyn Pike to the next traffic light, which is Trewellyn Ave. Continue on Blue Bell Penllyn Pike make a right at the second street on your right, which is Township Line Road. If you are going to Penllyn Woods stay on Township Line Road and DO NOT TURN, follow the signs (1/4 mile to flagpole turnaround).
From Route 73 (East or West):
Take Route 73 to Blue Bell Penllyn Pike (Blue Bell Inn and Blue Horse Inn intersection), if you are coming from the West make a Left, if you are coming from the East make a right. Continue on Blue Bell Penllyn Pike thru the next light at Morris Rd. Once you go past the Cedarbrook Country Club the road will slope down, Lantern Lane will be on your left, cross over bridge and the next left is Township Line Road. Make a hard Left. Follow the signs to Penllyn Woods (1/4 mile to flagpole turnaround).
Route 309 North:
Take Route 309 South to Bethlehem Pike. Continue on Bethlehem Pike going past the Genuardi’s Shopping Center (on your right). Go through the traffic light at Moore Drive. At the next light go straight, at the next light make a Right onto Blue Bell Penllyn Pike (Harleysville National Bank will be on the corner). Take Blue Bell Penllyn Pike to the next traffic light, which is Trewellyn Ave. Continue on Blue Bell Penllyn Pike make a right at the second street on your right, which is Township Line Road. Stay on Township Line Road and DO NOT Turn, follow the signs (1/4 mile to flagpole turnaround).
From the Blue Route:
Take last exit Germantown Pike West. Follow Germantown Pike past the Plymouth Meeting Mall. The road will rise and get over to the right lane to turn onto Walton Rd.
Take a right on Walton Rd and follow past two traffic lights (2nd light is Township Line Rd -Commerce Bank on left) until you come to a fork in the road. Go LEFT at the fork in the road onto Stenton Ave. You will go into a sharp left curve past some blinking yellow caution lights. The road will straighten out for a couple hundred yards before turning sharp right where you will start up a steep incline. The road now becomes Penllyn Blue Bell Pike. Continue on Blue Bell Penllyn Pike across lights at Rt 73 (Blue Bell Inn), and Morris Rd. Once you go past the Cedarbrook Country Club (on right), the road will slope down, Lantern Lane will be on your left, cross over bridge and the next left is Township Line Road. Make a hard Left. Follow the signs to Penllyn Woods (1/4 mile to flagpole turnaround).

If anyone needs red shirts, I have more. They will be in my van on Saturday. If you have not already paid, they are $8 each.
I have five bags of sweats that were ordered and never picked up. Someone please claim them.
From MMR, Seminack and Christian.
From John Chrysostom, Clifton
From Annunciation, Rosini and Walsh. Walsh owes $24 for the late order.
I will have them with me. I want to get rid of them. Please help!

this is my 100th post about CYO track/XC in less than 3 years, which just shows that running folk are far too neurotic.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Practice Sites

Here are some practice sites if your looking for somewhere to practice during the postseason:

Bensalem HS

I will be holding practice at Bensalem High School by the field hockey fields on Mondays (except Monday 11/2), Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15 to 6:45 PM. There are lights in the parking lots so we can continue to run even when it gets darker.
Enter off Hulmeville Road and turn left into the parking lot on the side of the school. We are located about halfway down the parking lot.
All are welcome.
COACH - Mary Ellen Malloy


OLG/OLMC/St Judes/St Martins...we have practice at CB EAST high school on Tuesdays, Thursdays from 4-5pm after daylight savings.....9-10am on Saturdays....
COACH - Sam Losorelli OLG/OLMC


We at St John Chrysostom will be having practice on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 5:30 to 6:45 at Swarthmore College. We meet at the Swarthmore Presbyterian Church on Harvey Road, in the back parking lot at the small playground.
Here are the mapquest directions to our practice site, please call me if you have questions at 610-585-2914.

November 7th , 21st, and 28th at 9am
COACH - Mike Shive

MMR will have post-season practices, thru at least the Regional race on 11/14, on Tuesday and Thurs evenings at 6pm and Sat mornings at 9am at a location between Amber and CB South High School. The general location will be Windlestrae Park on Kenas Road which is just east of Rt 309 between Horsham Rd and County Line Rd. We may shift to other locations for individual practices and so parents should contact me by email for details and I'll put them on an email distribution list for updates.
No practice on Thurs, 10/29 due to team party.

Coach - Charlie Stone and (please send emails to both)

4:00 to 5:00 as daylight savings hits on Sunday and it will be dark before 5:30. I still plan on having practices on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I am flexible. If the majority of the runners can only make other days instead, we can adjust the scheduled practice days. See you all Delaware County runners on Wednesday.

Coach - Paul Sterns

Monday, October 26, 2009

Archdiocesan Champs Results

First, our thanks to everyone who lent a hand to another outstanding CYO cross country season. I know that Mary Ellen and Kristen Malloy especially deserve many, many thanks as they were dealing with more runners registered to run (over 1650 runners!) than ever before.

Special thanks for everyone who went the extra mile this past weekend, bringing sand and straw to help clean up the mess that was left after the cancer walk and races over the past two weeks, our 2 new bike riders who tried to do maybe the only thing harder than running on that field, and especially our amazing athletes deserve lots of credit for competing in incredibly adverse conditions (and for avoiding that crazy flu that seemed to strike everyone's team.)

A reminder that the post season meeting is this Wednesday at St Anastasia at 7PM.

Here are the team scores

Here are the times, places, and scores by age group (novice - cadet)

Here are the subnovice times and places.

here are cumulative results for the year
contrast photography link

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Champs tomorrow.

The Plateau is really beat up. We have no choice but to run the meet tomorrow. The worst damage is to the main field -- start and finish line areas. The city was supposed to do work to clean it up, but it didn't do enough.

In order to prevent injuries tomorrow, I am asking for your help. If anyone has access to a straw bale or some sand, could you please bring that to the meet tomorrow. We can put the straw down to soak up the excess water on the fields and the sand down to minimize slipping. Anything that you can do would be greatly appreciated.

See you tomorrow.

Mary Ellen

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Champs info & more

Lots of information here. This is the email from Mary Ellen to the coaches.

Here is the post season entry form

Here is the travel info

Sunday is champs. Much information to pass along.
Remind your subnovices that they will race AFTER the cadet boys race this weekend. The last two weeks the cadets have started at about 3:20 for a point of reference. Make sure all your athletes have four (4) pins on their number and they are wearing the CORRECT number. Remind ALL parents that they are to stay behind the red ropes at the finish line. I will have no problem DQing a kid whose parents get in the way. Remind parents that pacing results in a disqualification of the runner. Keep your parents under control!! Hats off to the parents who follow directions.
The only runners who are eligible are those who have completed two races this season. Numbers will be checked at the starting line. The only exception to this rule is the subnovice race Any subnovice who is on a roster is permitted to compete.
Please make certain that all officials (chute people and marshals) are on time for their assignments. It is not fair to the people that you are relieving to make them stay longer than necessary.
Remind your runners that interference (putting out your arms to keep a running from passing, pushing a runner to the outside) can be grounds for a disqualification. Same goes for cutting the course.
Any team that will enter into the team scoring (3 in an age group or 3 in each age group) will have to turn in an index card with your team name, group score and the cards of the top three scorers for your team. I will have extra cards in the event that you forget. The top fifteen (15) finishers in the novice, minor and cadet races will need to turn in your cards to the scorer for the awards. The subnovice will receive all awards in the chute.
Awards will be given out after all the races are completed. Team awards will be handed out at that time also.
Long sleeved t-shirts will be on sale for $13. "Philadelphia CYO" red travel shirts will be available for $8. "Philadelphia CYO Cross Country" magnets will be available for $5. There will also be a limited number of sack packs available for $10. Exact change is always appreciated. Checks are also accepted and can be made out to "Philadelphia CYO Cross Country."
All sweat orders will be available on Sunday. Pease, please, please stop by the finish line and pick up the sweats.
Post season competition:
All runners who are rostered are eligible for the post season. There is no minimum meet requirement. Any high school runner who ran for the CYO is also eligible to participate for us (as long as their high school coach is okay with the idea.) The team uniform is the red "Philadelphia CYO Cross Country" shirt which will be on sale on Sunday and any black shorts or tights. If supplies of the shirts run out on Sunday, I will order more before the regional meet.
There will be a meeting on Wednesday, October 28 for the post season. It will be at St. Anastasia at 7 PM. Any parish who is interested in doing the post season must be represented. If your parish is not there, I will assume that no one is doing the post season. Pass this information on to your parents. Any parent who contacts me after the meeting and claims that they no nothing about the post season will be directed back to their coaches. You will have to deal with them this year because I will not.
At the meeting, we will select our teams. First requirement to be on a team is that the athlete agrees to go to nationals. Any athlete who wants to run in the qualifying meet but not nationals will run as an individual for CYO. The top four finishers from the champs will get first chance to be on the A team. After that, we will go to the list of best times (to be distributed after the champs.) We will go down the list and place runners on teams until all are placed on a team. If we have more than three teams, we have permission to send the extra teams to nationals this year. I think this may be a one time offer so you may want to take advantage of the opportunity. We will try to field as many teams as possible in all the age groups including the subnovice. Please be aware that those runners born in the year 2000 are to compete in the bantom division (3000 meters). The post season competitions are based on year of birth, not grade in school. Some third graders will have to move up and compete with the novices. Last year, we fielded a team of just subnovices competing in the bantom (novice) division.
After teams are selected, paperwork will be turned in. All the entries are being done on line. I have attached a homemade entry form. I will handle all the on line entries since I am the team administrator.
For the regional meet, you will need to turn in:
a completed post season entry form
a copy of the birth certificate
a copy of the AAU card
$20 entry fee (cash or check payable to "Philadelphia CYO Cross Country"
AAU cards can be purchased at Go to membership and then to individual membership. Follow the directions. The AAU number is about 15 characters long. The team name is "Philadelphia CYO." The club number is MAATCY7KA0.
We will also collect paperwork and money for the national meet since everyone who participates in the regional can go to nationals this year.
For the national meet, you will need to turn in:
travel sheet (attached)
wavier form (copies will be handed out at the coaches meeting on Sunday)
YES Athletics card (paperwork will be handed out at the coaches meeting on Sunday)
entry fee ($20 for entry and $10 for YES card)
hotel money ($115 per room per night)
This will make life easier for the age group coaches at the regional meet.
I know that this is a ton of information. Pass it on to the parents and let them decide about the post season. I will get practice sites listed on the website this week.
Any questions, call or email me.
Pray that it does not rain too much on Saturday.
Mary Ellen

Friday, October 16, 2009

Area E meet update

The Area E championship will run rain or shine. The only reason the meet would be canceled is if the field is completely swamped.

UPDATE - The field is already completely underwater, and as their is no end in sight, the meet has been canceled for tomorrow and tentatively rescheduled for November 8th.

If Delaware County and Mt Carmel would like to post their meet cancellation (if necessary) here, please just leave a comment or send me an email.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

post season meeting

Mark your calendars.
The meeting to turn in paperwork, money and select teams for the post season will be on Wednesday, October 28 at 7 PM at St. Anastasia in Newtown Square. Any team that is participating in the post season must be represented by either coach or a parent.
Remember, any high school students who wish to participate are more than welcome to represent Philadelphia CYO as long as they came through our track or cross country programs.
Mary Ellen

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post Season

Here is the information on the post season that Mary Ellen sent out last night.

To all,
There is only one more meet left before the champs so it is time to get this mess straightened out.

As I mentioned last week, the AAU has changed its qualifying procedures. Anyone who participates in a regional meet is now eligible to go to nationals. We are going to the Cross Country Coaches Youth Nationals in Nashville, Tenn. I am told that they are now going to do the same procedure that the AAU has adopted for this year. Therefore, anyone who will commit to going to nationals and competes in the qualifying round will be permitted to enter the national meet. Some may feel that this "waters down" the process, but, in reality, this has been what has happened the last couple of years. Almost all of our kids who wanted to go to nationals last year, ended up going. So it really will not be a big change for us.

The qualifying round will be Saturday, November 14 at Penlyn Park in Penlynn, PA. It is in the vicinity of Ambler. The cost of the entry fee is $20 and the cost of the AAU card is $12 for athletes. The entry fee for nationals will be $20 and the cost of a YES card (their version of an insurance card) is $10. The cost of the hotel rooms will be approximately $110 per night. That has not been verified just yet. All of our athletes have to stay in the team hotel...non-negotiable. They will represent "Philadelphia CYO" cross country team. The team uniform will be the red t-shirts that we have worn forever (and will be on sale at the championship meet) and black shorts or tights.

The day of nationals is Saturday, December 5 in Nashville, Tennessee.

We will have our annual meeting to place athletes on teams the week after our champs. Time, date and location will follow next week. The rules that we follow are simple. The first four finishers from the championship meet will have the first choice of being on the A team. After that, we will go to the list of best times. We will go down the list and place children on teams depending on whether or not they commit to going to nationals. Obviously, we only want to take full teams to nationals so if an athlete will not commit to going to nationals, we ask them to run as an individual for the Philadelphia CYO at the regional meet. Since we already know that anyone who competes will go to nationals, at this meeting we will collect entry forms (to be emailed the beginning of the week), copies of AAU cards, copies of birth certificates, entry fees for nationals, the money needed to purchase the YES cards and all the hotel fees. I have not looked into reserving a bus because there has not been sufficient interest in recent years but if enough people are interested, I will gladly get that information. Having the opportunity to collect all this paperwork at a meeting the week after our champs will make life so much easier for the age group coaches on the day of the meet.

Here is what you need to find out from your athletes:
-who is going to compete in the regional meet?
-who is going to commit to going to nationals?
-those who are going to nationals need to think about which nights they will be staying in Tenn.
Traditionally, Thursday has been a travel day. Friday, the kids can sleep later and we will review the course in the afternoon with all the other members of their age group and their age group coach. It is a good time for them to socialize and meet the kids they have been competing against all season long. There will be an age group coaches meeting Friday night and a parent/athlete meeting after that. Saturday is the day of the races. We go to Mass Saturday night as a group. Saturday night has been a time to relax, meet new friends and celebrate the end of a successful season. The parents usually get together and socialize. Sunday is a travel day to return home.
I am also trying to get several places where the kids can get together to practice. In the past, some of the coaches continue with team practices all the way to nationals. Other coaches stop after our champs and any of their kids who want to continue competing are on their own. This has been difficult for them. I would like to get at least two locations in each county where kids from any parish can come together and train until the national meet. I have always welcomed others to my location at Bensalem High School and will continue to do so. If there are any other coaches willing to open their doors to other runners, please let me know. This information will then be posted on our websites so that everyone will have access to the locations, days and times of the practices.

I know that this is a lot of information to digest. Please pass this information on to all your parents and let them make the decisions. With several group locations, I am hoping that we can welcome some new traveling companions into our fold. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will send more information (entries, hotel, meeting date, etc...) at the beginning of the week

See you all tomorrow.

Mary Ellen Malloy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mt Carmel Invitational Flyer

On the Sunday the 18th, there will be no Archdiocesan Meet because of the cancer walk. Guadalupe, Mt. Carmel and other parishes will be hosting a invitational meet. Here is a flyer.

Area E will be holding their annual Cross Country championship that Sunday as well. I will upload the sign up form as soon I get one. updated: SIGN UP FORM

Monday, October 5, 2009

week 3 results

here are the preliminary week 3 results. There was a disqualification in the minor girls race for pacing. A reminder to all parents, coaches, and teammates that pacing is illegal at all levels of cross country and track & field. Pacing is defined as running along side a competitor to set a pace (obviously), offer encouragement, and unfortunately, sometimes to discourage a runner.

On a happier note, we had great contributions from our marshals and chute workers this week. Thank you very much for helping to make the meet run smoothly!

business note: The file hosting site I have been using for the past 3 years, HDD Web, is going out of business. It was a rather unique file hosting site in my experience; it provided a direct download feature from the website or blog. Some of the older files may disappear in the coming week. If you need to download something, send me a note and I will switch it over. Also, if you know of another easy to use (and cheap) file hosting site that offers a direct download, let me know. For now I am using File Savr, but unfortunately, you need to put in a verification code for each download. (thankfully they are easier to read than when you are buying phillies tickets online!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lost & Found

A jean jacket was left on the plateau at the last meet. It was close to the finish line. If anyone picked it up, thank you and please return it to Paul Stearns at the St. Anastasia tent this weekend.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27th meet Canceled!

Here is the message from Mary Ellen:

Due to the wet conditions, the Philadelphia Department of Recreation has canceled all activities at the city parks. This means that the cross country meet for today will be canceled. They are concerned about the possibility of destroying the fields because of the mud and water. I am concerned about the possibility of athletes getting injured.

Orders for sweats and bags can either be mailed to me this week or turned in next weekend. I must place the order by Monday, October 5.

Next Sunday is the last day to add any new athletes.

Mary Ellen

Thursday, September 24, 2009

CYO Sweats

Here is the order form for CYO sweatshirts and pants. Orders are due on Sunday the 4th.

Here is the message from Mary Ellen about ordering:

To all,

Attached is an order form for Philadelphia CYO cross country sweats and sack packs. I will be accepting orders this Sunday and next Sunday. If you could, please email this form to your team so that they have the information. If, for some reason, you will not be at the next two meets, parents can mail me the form.

My address is: 844 Strawberry Lane
Langhorne, PA 19047

I want to place the order on Monday, October 5 so if they email me, it must be done quickly. I want to have the order returned to us by the date of the championships. As always, if they have any questions, please call or email me. My number is 215-757-9625.

Please remind the parents not to order youth small sweatshirts. The print is too big to fit on the front of the shirt.

See you all on Sunday.

Mary Ellen Malloy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 2 Results

Here are the results for week 2. Unfortunately, 2 parishes did not report for their assignments after repeated calls and their runners were disqualified. Coaches, it is your responsibility to make sure that your parish covers its assignment. All assignments are important and must be covered!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 1 results

Here are the results for Novice - Cadets & here are Sub novices results

Coaches from the following teams need to see Mary Ellen for new numbers for some of their runners:

St. Denis
St. Stanislaus
St. Andrew, Drexel Hill
St. Hilary
St. Agnes, West Chester
St. Charles, Bensalem
St. Elizabeth
St. Joseph, Collingdale
St. John the Baptist
St. Philip Neri

Thursday, September 17, 2009

2008 Cross Country Coaches Youth Nationals

Here is a link to FloTrack's coverage of the 2008 Cross Country Coaches Youth Nationals, the national meet that CYO track runners participated in last year and will again this year. There is an interview with Philadelphia CYO's own Olivia Sargent, who won the Bantam Girls' race on the left.

They have race footage from the entire meet. Philadelphia CYO kids wear red t-shirts.

The link of the CCCYN website is here, where you can find complete results.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1st meet wrap up

In response to questions, yes, my sister Kathy O'Connell who has been riding the bike at XC meets since I finished running CYO Cross Country, suffered two fractures, in her sacrum and pelvic bones, and is still suffering from concussion symptoms. After the start of the cadet boys race, I accompanied her to University of Pennsylvania hospital, where she is still recovering and receiving treatment. She is expected to be discharged soon and go through approximately 6 weeks of recovery aided by crutches. On behalf of my family, Immaculate Conception and Philadelphia CYO XC, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the prayers and concerns of everyone who has contacted us and Mary Ellen this past week, and everyone who pitched in to help out Sunday after her accident. We ask for your continued prayers for a speedy recovery.

I believe that 2 people have volunteered to ride the bike for the rest of the season, but if you are interested in helping out, please email Mary Ellen.

In response to this incident, and others, Mary Ellen Malloy our CYO Cross Country Coordinator has sent the following email to our CYO coaches. I think it is important for everyone involved in CYO Cross Country to read, and please note there will be 2 Sub-Novice races ( girls then boys) from now on (barring extremely low turn out), as we didn't even have all the registered runners in the race this past Sunday.

To all,

This past Sunday we had a bad accident at the Plateau. Our biker lady, Kathy O'Connell, crashed and was seriously injured. While I cannot place the blame on any one person, I feel that the situation was made much worse by the failure of several people, myself included. While none of her injuries are life threatening, she is on injured reserve for the rest of the season. This accident throws the light on a number of break downs that must be corrected before anyone else is injured.

First and foremost, all bikers need to wear a helmet. This is not an option.

Second, marshals need to marshal. They need to understand their assignment and do it. All marshals need to wear the blue shirt so they can be identified quickly (this was an important issue on Sunday). All marshals need to show up for their assignments. As insignificant as each position may seem, there is a need for each one. If you do not understand what you have to do, ASK! The problem was made worse on Sunday because people were allowed in the woods (this has always been a definite no-no) and the marshals did not have walkie-talkies so there was no way of communicating to the people in the woods. Kathy may have been unconscious for 15 minutes or more but no one who was close enough to her knew she was there. The first three people to her aid came from the start or finish line on the Plateau. That is a long way to go when there are marshals already in the woods.

Marshals are there for the safety of the runners. We need to keep the woods clear of all spectators. With the recent history of incidents in Belmont, we do not want any adults back there who are not marshals. Marshals have to be able to tell non-runners in the woods that they must leave. No questions asked. Most of these people are parents of our runners and they should have been told by the coaches that they are not permitted in the woods in the first place. Marshals also need to communicate to each other. The biker follows the last runner but no one thought anything of the fact that the biker did not come out of the woods. No one thought that she did not come down suicide hill. Marshaling means more than just watching the races. You are responsible to know what is happening around you. From this point on, each marshal will have a walkie-talkie and communicate when the biker has passed your position and the last runner is through. This will be a means of monitoring the race and alerting the marshals when their assignment is finished.

Some of the parents can be a real pain in the butt. They will give you attitude and lip when you tell them they cannot do something that they want to do. If you have a problem telling someone they cannot do something, then find someone else in the parish who is willing to do the assignment. But it needs to be done.

For those parishes that chose not to do assignments or chose not to wear the shirts or chose to be in the wrong spot for marshals, the only recourse I have is to disqualify the parish for the day. It may hurt the children but that is your responsibility. The possibilities for disaster are enormous when someone does not show up for an assignment or does not do their assignment properly. That was demonstrated on Sunday.

These issues are not open for discussion. We need to keep everyone's safety foremost in our ways.

Other thoughts from Sunday:
  • The subnovice race will be two races from now on: female and then male. Too many kids in one race.
  • The marshals on the cadet course sent the runners too far around the baseball backstops.
  • It is the coaches' responsibility to make sure the parents know what the rules are. Tell them where the restricted areas are.
  • Parents need to back off the chute for the subnovice races. Part of the problem was the kids could not leave the chute because the parents were blocking the exit.
  • All access road workers had best show up this weekend.

This weekend brought out the very worst of the parents and the very best of the parents. Some of the subnovice parents were downright nasty when they are asked to back away from the finish chute. I haven't heard that language in a long time. Yet, when Kathy went down, there were some wonderful parents and coaches who stepped in and helped without being asked. To the medical personnel who assisted, my sincere thanks go out to you. To the folks who stepped in at the finish line when I went into the woods, I am indebted to you. To Paul Stearns who manged to drive his car UP parachute, I am eternally grateful. About 98% of our coaches and parents are absolutely wonderful people. The remaining 2% were out in force on Sunday and it saddened me deeply to see that from a CYO organization. Please remind your parents that they are examples to their children all the time, not just when they think the kids are watching.

Results will be out tomorrow. Please forgive the delay this week.

Mary Ellen Malloy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Results will be delayed this week. They will be posted as soon as they are available.

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Cross Country Meet

The first meet of the 2009 cross country season is just days away, a few reminders:

1.) Course walks start at 12:00pm. This is the only course walk of the year!

2.) Sub-novices are the first race, preliminarily scheduled for 12:45, but they might be a little late because of the course walks.

3.) Every parish is expected to cover their assignments. Check in for your events at the finish line.

4.) Parking is limited, try to car pool. Parking on the grass behind the access road is PROHIBITED! This is a Philadelphia law, and cars have been ticketed in the past.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

CYO Cross Country Rules & Notes

Here are competition rules for 2009 Cross Country Season

Here are notes about the CYO cross country season, including meet dates, rostering fees, rostering guidelines, etc.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Cross Country Meeting

The first cross country meeting for the 2009 season will be Sunday, August 23rd at 7pm at St. Anastasia in Newtown Square. All coaches who can should attend!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's a Boy!

Matthew Joseph O'Connell was born on Thursday, July 16th weighing 8lb 2oz and measuring 21 1/2".

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 Arch Champs Results


Team Scores

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2009 another great CYO track & field season. We have many hard working volunteers across the Archdiocese and as you can see from the times, outstanding student athletes.

The Archdiocesan Championship Meet records to the right have been updated. The program automatically uses the top 4 relay names. If one of the alternates should be listed, please email me and let me know who to change. Yesterday we had 16 meet records broken, and 6 new records for the 4x200s!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Shot Put directions and Traffic Notice

Directions to University of Penn Shot Put Area:

  • Exit Franklin Field through the gate at the east end.
  • Turn left and go to the blue bridge with the sign that say Bower Field.
  • After crossing the bridge walk out the parking lot, turn right on the walkway. Continue down the walkway until it ends.
  • Cross over the path to the wooden bridge.
  • Take the bridge across the railroad tracks and down into a parking lot.
  • Ahead of you in the parking lot is a red brick building, on the left side of the red brick building there is a walkway that lead to Rhoads Field (the Schuylkill Express will be immediately to your left as you are walking towards Rhoads Field).
  • After passing by the red brick wall at Rhoads Field you will come to a chainlink fence. There will be an opening in the chainlink fence that will lead to the Shot Put Area.
  • Travel time from Franklin Field will be approximately 15 minutes.

Spruce Street between 34th and 38th Streets will be closed to all vehicular traffic due to a crane lift.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Time Schedule

here is a copy of the race schedule for Saturday. Note that Boys and Girls Triple Jump will both start at 1:30. We will use both pits this year in an attempt to make sure TJ is completed before the relays.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arch Champs 4x200 & other details

The 4x200 is a new event this year for the Archdiocesan track & field program and will hopefully be an exciting conclusion to the meet!

At Franklin Field, the 4x200 is run entirely in lanes (a four turn stagger). It begins and ends from the Northwest start finish/line (similar to the 4x100).

There are a number of markings on the track which might confuse your runners. Officials will be at each zone to inform the runners where they must receive the baton and which exchange zone they are receiving in. Each runner is permitted to use the 10 meter fly zone but must receive the baton within the 20 meter exchange zone, same as in the 4x100.

The stadium is open to competitors beginning at 8:15am and the track will be cleared at 9am. Jumpers are not permitted to practice on the long jump runway or the high jump area before the competition has commenced.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Seating will be restricted to the South and East stands. No one will be permitted in the North Stands because of the construction that is underway.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Arch Seeding & Entrance Info

Here is the seeding for Archdiocesan Champs.

The entrance to Franklin Field this year will be at the North West gate, the big blue gate behind the paddock area for Penn Relays Night.  This is will the only open gate because of construction.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Shot Put

Here are directions to the Shot Put circle for this year.  Because of construction on South Street, Shot Put has been moved to different fields.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Area Championships Meet Info

I'll post information I receive on Area Meets here.

(Area E meet programs will NOT be available at the meet. Please print your own from online)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Archdiocesan Meet Set Up

There appears to be an error in the Arch meet set up for Novice Boys and Girls Shot Put.  These events were not set to score.  You do not need to download the meet again, simply click "score" while in the "Run" menu, and MM will ask you if you want to score even though they are not set to score.  Select "YES"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Archdiocesan Champs Time Schedule

Here is the schedule of events for Arch Champs.  This is slightly different than what was in the track packet but essentially the same schedule.  (The changes were for the time periods that were too short from some events).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Penn Relays Friday Vids

here are the videos from flo track (with some hilarious commentary)

Meet Manager & CYO teams at Penn Relays

Just a reminder with Region champs coming up the next couple weeks to download the new meet manager back up.  There is a new event this year.

CYO qualifiers will run at 10:20 - 10:26 in events 100 - 103 at the Penn Relays. 

You can follow the results here

And you might be able to catch the race recorded here, on Flo Track, a great site for track fans everywhere.  Look for the link in the bottom left hand corner that lists the videos by race. (this is not a live stream)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CYO Night Lost & Found

So that everyone knows, items that were left behind were not collected into a lost and found. However, I am sure that plenty of people picked up items that were left by neighbors in the stands. Feel free to use the comments on this post to inform people of found items. Be sure to leave a section or area that they were found to narrow the search.  

First up

MP3 player was found in the stands (section SA) this past Tuesday night, April 21, during the CYO night at the Penn Relays.  Please contact coach Joe Rogan, Saint Monica School, at for details.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CYO Penn Relays Qualifying Results

Here is a link to the results  for last night, provided by the Penn Relays.

We had alot of amazing times last night, congratulations to all our qualifiers!

Last night was another terrific CYO Night at the Penn Relays. Thank you to all our volunteer officials, the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Relays, and the support staff on hand. All of our parents, coaches, and athletes did an excellent job coping with the new set up and all the hustle & bustle downtown.

Qualifying teams are reminded to arrive as early as possible. Friday at the Penn Relays is much more crowded than even last night.  Metal hangers for tickets for qualifiers can be obtained from Al Entriken, who will be working in the paddock, and possibly from some security guards as you enter.

North Stand entrances will not be open Friday.  

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Races start at 10:22am Friday morning.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm reposting some info here:

1.) here is the CYO Night at the Penn Relays Program. Make sure you print yours out, they will not be available on site.

2.) We will run in the rain, so long as it is safe.  We will stop for thunderstorms/lightening in the area. UPenn has lightening dectectors and will let us know when we may resume.

Here is the information I posted earlier in the season. Everyone I've talked to has said it is a zoo down near Franklin Field because of the multiple construction zones, so please plan accordingly! Directions to Franklin Field can be found using a the Google Maps link on the right.

Entrance: The only open entrance will be the South Street entrance across from the SEPTA station because...

Seating - The North stands will be under construction and closed to the public up till the start of the Penn Relay's Thursday events. Traditionally CYO teams & fans have sat in the North stands (along the homestrech to the finish line) on Tuesday night. This will not be an option.  The South stands (2nd leg) and the East Stands (3rd leg turn) will be open.

Food - Spectators can bring food in clear plastic bags, and plastic water bottles and juice boxes. Food will be available from Penn's 3 new concession stands under the South Stands. Merchandise will also be available.

Entrance to Paddock - Athletes will be able to access the paddock from the pathway underneath the scoreboard.

Bathrooms - Bathrooms under the South Stands will be accessible. The North Stands bathrooms no longer exist.

Parking Lot - The parking lot adjacent to the Stadium is gone. Here is a map of available lots.

As in the past, CYO and UPenn are advising people to use the Septa Regional Rail to University City if possible.  The station is right across the street from the South Stand entrance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Penn Relays Program

The registration deadline has come and gone for 2009 CYO Night at the Penn Relays.  Below is the final list of teams that have registered for 2009, and the free Meet Program for Tuesday night. Programs will NOT be distributed or sold on Tuesday at Franklin Field, so everyone should download and print out their own copies!  See you Tuesday Night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 days to CYO Penn Relays!

we're just 7 days away from CYO Penn Relays. Let's hope the weather turns to spring before then.

here is the updated list of registered teams.

I would remind everyone to take a look down the page for the info I put out about Penn Relays early in the season.  There will be significant disruptions of our normal entrance and seating routine, and I advise all the coaches to speak to the parents and the runners about this in advance.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Registered Teams - 4/13

Here is the updated list of teams.  We're about halfway there now.

P.S.  I know that there are a few rosters that have been emailed to George but aren't on the list yet. We are in the middle of processing a bundle of tax returns before Wednesday's deadline. I'll get to these tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Penn Relays Rosters update

(updated as of Monday April 13th - 11:20 am)

Here is the list of registered Penn Relays teams. (excel file)

All Rosters should be sent in (email/fax/ or postmarked) TODAY! We have less than half our normal amount of rosters. Heats/Lanes will be assigned Wednesday night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Penn Relays Rosters

A reminder to all coaches that Penn Relays rosters must be sent in by April 13th (via email or postmarked - mailed rosters must be received by the 15th).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some early Penn Relays info

We've been in contact with UPenn about CYO Night at the Penn Relays (Tuesday, 4/21), here are some details:

Entrance: The only open entrance will be the South Street entrance across from the SEPTA station because...

Seating - The North stands will be under construction and closed to the public up till the start of the Penn Relay's Thursday events. Traditionally CYO teams & fans have sat in the North stands (along the homestrech to the finish line) on Tuesday night. This will not be an option.  The South stands (2nd leg) and the East Stands (3rd leg turn) will be open.

Food - Spectators can bring food in clear plastic bags, and plastic water bottles and juice boxes. Food will be available from Penn's 3 new concession stands under the South Stands. Merchandise will also be available.

Entrance to Paddock - Athletes will be able to access the paddock from the pathway underneath the scoreboard.

Bathrooms - Bathrooms under the South Stands will be accessible. The North Stands bathrooms no longer exist.

Parking Lot - The parking lot adjacent to the Stadium is gone. Here is a map of available lots.

As in the past, CYO and UPenn are advising people to use the Septa Regional Rail to University City if possible.  The station is right across the street from the South Stand entrance.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Meet Set Up / 2009 Track Packet


It's the start of a new CYO track season (as of Sunday, March 1st). Good Luck to everyone!

Below is the almost the exact same post from last year about the meet set up. Remember you have to download the new meet every year! (especially this year, because we have a new event!) I have already updated all the age groups and set the "age-up" date accordingly, and added the 4x200. Make sure to read the note from the Arch Coordinator about the meet set up. It is vital that everyone follow the procedures correctly when using the meet set up, it can be rather finicky.

The 2009 Track Packet is also available under the Links. It is a .pdf file. Information about the Penn Relays qualifying and other events is available in the packet.

NOTICE: Region / Area Commissioners are reminded that NO ONE may assign a new team number into the system other than myself. If you have a new parish team in your region that is not on the team list in Meet Manager, please email me to request one. Thank you.

(here's where I copied last year's note. Don't skip it! It's important!)

I have posted over on the right a link to download the 2009 Archdiocesan Track & Field meet set up. Its a .zip file that should be downloaded and then restored through Hy-Tek Meet Manager version 1.2L or 2.0. Also I have a note from George O'Connell - Archdiocesan Track & Field Coordinator concerning submitting qualifiers/entries for Archdiocesan Champs this year:

All commissioners & coaches are reminded that they must use the Archdiocesan Track & Field meet set-up supplied (Hy-Tek Meet Manager version 1.2L or 2.0 only) . There can not be any changes at all (under ANY circumstances) to Parish/School names, ID numbers, team abbreviations, event numbers, event names, divisions, or "age-up date" (division DOB marker - 12/31/08). At this time, all known parishes/schools competing have been entered into the meet. The only information that should be adjusted are the number of lanes and lane preferences. If you have questions about this, please contact us before making changes.

All entries/qualifiers from Area Champs to Archdiocesan Champs must be submitted AND usable without correction by us by Tuesday, May 19th, at 5:00pm or your Area runners will not run at champs. This includes the names of all relay runners (including alternates). If qualifying relays are submitted without participants names, they will automatically be disqualified from the meet. Area A, C & E commissioners, please remind your Region commissioners that relay names must be submitted from the Region to Area Champs.

Good Luck

George O'Connell