Thursday, April 23, 2009

CYO Night Lost & Found

So that everyone knows, items that were left behind were not collected into a lost and found. However, I am sure that plenty of people picked up items that were left by neighbors in the stands. Feel free to use the comments on this post to inform people of found items. Be sure to leave a section or area that they were found to narrow the search.  

First up

MP3 player was found in the stands (section SA) this past Tuesday night, April 21, during the CYO night at the Penn Relays.  Please contact coach Joe Rogan, Saint Monica School, at for details.


Anonymous said...

a blue lunch bag was left in section SAA, south side closest to the clock on the left..mostly trash inside but it had 2 exterior pouches attached, not sure what i've lost contact

Coach Fortescue said...

One of the St. Helena (Blue Bell) girls left a north face jacket. We were sitting scoreboard side, up from the 10 yard line or so. If found, please call 484-368-6205. Thanks.