Saturday, May 31, 2014

2014 Archdiocesan Champs - Final Results

Final Results & Team Scores

Congratulations to St Andrew's - Newtown and St. Ignatius on their overall Girls' and Boys' Championships.

Thank you to all our coaches, officials, parents and especially athletes for another incredible season!

Pictures from Contrast

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Archdiocesan Championship Updates

2014 Performance List

Here is the time schedule

Coaches Meeting - 8:45 am.

Entry into the stadium is free.  Entrance to the stadium will be through the southwest gate behind the 100m start.  That is the only gate that will be open!

Security update from Penn - new 5/30/14
  • Food ok in clear plastic bags smaller than 12’x12’x12’. 
  • No bulk food (pizzas, boxes of pretzels). 
  • Sealed water bottles and juice boxes ok. 
  • No cans, bottles, or coolers

Seating is restricted to the South and East stands.  No one is permitted in the Upper Deck or North Stands during the meet.

T-Shirts and Archdiocesan Champs program, including history of past champions, records and Cross Country champions will be for sale in the southwest corner of the stadium.  Awards will also be located in the southwest corner this year.  Medals awarded to the top 6 finishers in each event and will be available after results are announced, not the completion of an event.  Any medals not collected before the completion of the meet will be forfeit.

The walkway between the southwest and northwest will be closed due to construction on Weightman Hall's roof.

UPenn has advised us that 34th Street will be closed on Saturday.  Anyone wishing to park at the Penn Parking Garage located across South Street from Franklin Field should exit the expressway at South Street, turn right on South Street and turn left into the parking garage.

LIVE Results - Kennett-Timing will attempt to upload live results. This will depend on how good the wifi signal is at the finish line. Here is the link

Relays - 4x100 and 4x200 will start and finish on the North side and will be run entirely in lanes.  Athletes are permitted to use the fly zone in the 4x200 at Archdiocesan Champs because it is being run entirely in lanes (check out this handy diagram).  4x400 and 4x800 will start and finish on the South side and will break from the gun.  The 4x400 will have 2 sections, the 4x800 will have 1 section.

Directions to Shot Put below. FYI - This is the same location as it was in 2010, 2011, and 2012, don't be fooled by all the improvements. Please be cognizant of the Shot Put open pit times and conflict rules!

Walking from Franklin Field:
  • Exit Franklin Field on South Street - Head toward Center City
  • Cross over South Street to the south side of the bridge
  • Take the stairwell adjacent to the Hollenback Center (the only red brick building by the bridge)
  • Turn right at the bottom of the steps and head toward Stewart Field (see google map)
  • Enter the field through the open gate
  • The University of Pennsylvania has parking lots right off the University Avenue exit of the Schuykill Expressway
  • The parking lots are on your right. They will be open Saturday, however  there will be a parking fee (it was $10 in 2012, not sure what it is now.)
  • You can walk from the parking lot to the shot put area following the temporary signs that will be in place to lead you to the shot put area