Tuesday, March 17, 2009

some early Penn Relays info

We've been in contact with UPenn about CYO Night at the Penn Relays (Tuesday, 4/21), here are some details:

Entrance: The only open entrance will be the South Street entrance across from the SEPTA station because...

Seating - The North stands will be under construction and closed to the public up till the start of the Penn Relay's Thursday events. Traditionally CYO teams & fans have sat in the North stands (along the homestrech to the finish line) on Tuesday night. This will not be an option.  The South stands (2nd leg) and the East Stands (3rd leg turn) will be open.

Food - Spectators can bring food in clear plastic bags, and plastic water bottles and juice boxes. Food will be available from Penn's 3 new concession stands under the South Stands. Merchandise will also be available.

Entrance to Paddock - Athletes will be able to access the paddock from the pathway underneath the scoreboard.

Bathrooms - Bathrooms under the South Stands will be accessible. The North Stands bathrooms no longer exist.

Parking Lot - The parking lot adjacent to the Stadium is gone. Here is a map of available lots.

As in the past, CYO and UPenn are advising people to use the Septa Regional Rail to University City if possible.  The station is right across the street from the South Stand entrance.


Anonymous said...

Will the start/finish still be on the North side or will it be switched to the South side (as it is for cities)?

Terry O'Connell said...

No, start and finish will still be on the North Side. While individual events & the 4x800 are run from the starting line on the South Side at Archdiocesan Champs, the 4x100 is run from the South Side because the exchange zones on the track are all marked that way. There are no 4x1 markings for a start/finish from the south side.