Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2009 Meet Set Up / 2009 Track Packet


It's the start of a new CYO track season (as of Sunday, March 1st). Good Luck to everyone!

Below is the almost the exact same post from last year about the meet set up. Remember you have to download the new meet every year! (especially this year, because we have a new event!) I have already updated all the age groups and set the "age-up" date accordingly, and added the 4x200. Make sure to read the note from the Arch Coordinator about the meet set up. It is vital that everyone follow the procedures correctly when using the meet set up, it can be rather finicky.

The 2009 Track Packet is also available under the Links. It is a .pdf file. Information about the Penn Relays qualifying and other events is available in the packet.

NOTICE: Region / Area Commissioners are reminded that NO ONE may assign a new team number into the system other than myself. If you have a new parish team in your region that is not on the team list in Meet Manager, please email me to request one. Thank you.

(here's where I copied last year's note. Don't skip it! It's important!)

I have posted over on the right a link to download the 2009 Archdiocesan Track & Field meet set up. Its a .zip file that should be downloaded and then restored through Hy-Tek Meet Manager version 1.2L or 2.0. Also I have a note from George O'Connell - Archdiocesan Track & Field Coordinator concerning submitting qualifiers/entries for Archdiocesan Champs this year:

All commissioners & coaches are reminded that they must use the Archdiocesan Track & Field meet set-up supplied (Hy-Tek Meet Manager version 1.2L or 2.0 only) . There can not be any changes at all (under ANY circumstances) to Parish/School names, ID numbers, team abbreviations, event numbers, event names, divisions, or "age-up date" (division DOB marker - 12/31/08). At this time, all known parishes/schools competing have been entered into the meet. The only information that should be adjusted are the number of lanes and lane preferences. If you have questions about this, please contact us before making changes.

All entries/qualifiers from Area Champs to Archdiocesan Champs must be submitted AND usable without correction by us by Tuesday, May 19th, at 5:00pm or your Area runners will not run at champs. This includes the names of all relay runners (including alternates). If qualifying relays are submitted without participants names, they will automatically be disqualified from the meet. Area A, C & E commissioners, please remind your Region commissioners that relay names must be submitted from the Region to Area Champs.

Good Luck

George O'Connell

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