Friday, May 29, 2009

Shot Put directions and Traffic Notice

Directions to University of Penn Shot Put Area:

  • Exit Franklin Field through the gate at the east end.
  • Turn left and go to the blue bridge with the sign that say Bower Field.
  • After crossing the bridge walk out the parking lot, turn right on the walkway. Continue down the walkway until it ends.
  • Cross over the path to the wooden bridge.
  • Take the bridge across the railroad tracks and down into a parking lot.
  • Ahead of you in the parking lot is a red brick building, on the left side of the red brick building there is a walkway that lead to Rhoads Field (the Schuylkill Express will be immediately to your left as you are walking towards Rhoads Field).
  • After passing by the red brick wall at Rhoads Field you will come to a chainlink fence. There will be an opening in the chainlink fence that will lead to the Shot Put Area.
  • Travel time from Franklin Field will be approximately 15 minutes.

Spruce Street between 34th and 38th Streets will be closed to all vehicular traffic due to a crane lift.


Anonymous said...

When will the girls cadet shot put start?

Neil said...

Any idea if there is a way to order tee shirts from the championship meet today? All sold out when we got there.

Anonymous said...

When will the Results be posted?