Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Archdiocesan Champs Time Schedule

Here is the schedule of events for Arch Champs.  This is slightly different than what was in the track packet but essentially the same schedule.  (The changes were for the time periods that were too short from some events).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Penn Relays Friday Vids

here are the videos from flo track (with some hilarious commentary)

Meet Manager & CYO teams at Penn Relays

Just a reminder with Region champs coming up the next couple weeks to download the new meet manager back up.  There is a new event this year.

CYO qualifiers will run at 10:20 - 10:26 in events 100 - 103 at the Penn Relays. 

You can follow the results here

And you might be able to catch the race recorded here, on Flo Track, a great site for track fans everywhere.  Look for the link in the bottom left hand corner that lists the videos by race. (this is not a live stream)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CYO Night Lost & Found

So that everyone knows, items that were left behind were not collected into a lost and found. However, I am sure that plenty of people picked up items that were left by neighbors in the stands. Feel free to use the comments on this post to inform people of found items. Be sure to leave a section or area that they were found to narrow the search.  

First up

MP3 player was found in the stands (section SA) this past Tuesday night, April 21, during the CYO night at the Penn Relays.  Please contact coach Joe Rogan, Saint Monica School, at joseph.rogan@exeloncorp.com for details.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CYO Penn Relays Qualifying Results

Here is a link to the results  for last night, provided by the Penn Relays.

We had alot of amazing times last night, congratulations to all our qualifiers!

Last night was another terrific CYO Night at the Penn Relays. Thank you to all our volunteer officials, the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Relays, and the support staff on hand. All of our parents, coaches, and athletes did an excellent job coping with the new set up and all the hustle & bustle downtown.

Qualifying teams are reminded to arrive as early as possible. Friday at the Penn Relays is much more crowded than even last night.  Metal hangers for tickets for qualifiers can be obtained from Al Entriken, who will be working in the paddock, and possibly from some security guards as you enter.

North Stand entrances will not be open Friday.  

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Races start at 10:22am Friday morning.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm reposting some info here:

1.) here is the CYO Night at the Penn Relays Program. Make sure you print yours out, they will not be available on site.

2.) We will run in the rain, so long as it is safe.  We will stop for thunderstorms/lightening in the area. UPenn has lightening dectectors and will let us know when we may resume.

Here is the information I posted earlier in the season. Everyone I've talked to has said it is a zoo down near Franklin Field because of the multiple construction zones, so please plan accordingly! Directions to Franklin Field can be found using a the Google Maps link on the right.

Entrance: The only open entrance will be the South Street entrance across from the SEPTA station because...

Seating - The North stands will be under construction and closed to the public up till the start of the Penn Relay's Thursday events. Traditionally CYO teams & fans have sat in the North stands (along the homestrech to the finish line) on Tuesday night. This will not be an option.  The South stands (2nd leg) and the East Stands (3rd leg turn) will be open.

Food - Spectators can bring food in clear plastic bags, and plastic water bottles and juice boxes. Food will be available from Penn's 3 new concession stands under the South Stands. Merchandise will also be available.

Entrance to Paddock - Athletes will be able to access the paddock from the pathway underneath the scoreboard.

Bathrooms - Bathrooms under the South Stands will be accessible. The North Stands bathrooms no longer exist.

Parking Lot - The parking lot adjacent to the Stadium is gone. Here is a map of available lots.

As in the past, CYO and UPenn are advising people to use the Septa Regional Rail to University City if possible.  The station is right across the street from the South Stand entrance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2009 Penn Relays Program

The registration deadline has come and gone for 2009 CYO Night at the Penn Relays.  Below is the final list of teams that have registered for 2009, and the free Meet Program for Tuesday night. Programs will NOT be distributed or sold on Tuesday at Franklin Field, so everyone should download and print out their own copies!  See you Tuesday Night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7 days to CYO Penn Relays!

we're just 7 days away from CYO Penn Relays. Let's hope the weather turns to spring before then.

here is the updated list of registered teams.

I would remind everyone to take a look down the page for the info I put out about Penn Relays early in the season.  There will be significant disruptions of our normal entrance and seating routine, and I advise all the coaches to speak to the parents and the runners about this in advance.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Registered Teams - 4/13

Here is the updated list of teams.  We're about halfway there now.

P.S.  I know that there are a few rosters that have been emailed to George but aren't on the list yet. We are in the middle of processing a bundle of tax returns before Wednesday's deadline. I'll get to these tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Penn Relays Rosters update

(updated as of Monday April 13th - 11:20 am)

Here is the list of registered Penn Relays teams. (excel file)

All Rosters should be sent in (email/fax/ or postmarked) TODAY! We have less than half our normal amount of rosters. Heats/Lanes will be assigned Wednesday night.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Penn Relays Rosters

A reminder to all coaches that Penn Relays rosters must be sent in by April 13th (via email or postmarked - mailed rosters must be received by the 15th).