Tuesday, July 31, 2018

2018 Cross Country Season

MEMO ON PARKING / SHUTTLE BUSES  - important stuff, please read



2018 Packet - All coaches should download  - (I fixed page 5 - DOBs for cadets)

2018 Coaches Meeting Materials - handouts were given to coaches who attended the meeting.

2018 Remind Instructions - CYO XC uses the Remind app, which allows parents and coaches to sign up to get meet day and other updates. Please follow the instructions.

2018 Runner Data Collection - USE THIS FORM to turn in team information to register your child with the timing company. This form will get your runner a Bib. All coaches still need to complete their team roster (below) and coaches affidavits. Please do not use your own form or data. Its ok to copy and paste the kids names and birth dates, but we need the age divisions and genders to be selected on the form so the information imports correctly. Email to joe@secondwindtiming.com and sunrisexc@aol.com

2018 Cross Country Team Roster - Instructions on how to complete are the Cross Country Packet. Remember to print on LEGAL paper (the worksheets are already formatted to print legal - one page per tab).

Coaches Affidavit 

The Coaches meeting will be at 7pm Sunday, August 19th. The meeting will be in the cafeteria at St. Anastasia School on West Chester Pike in Newtown Square. The Archdiocese CYO office is proposing some structural changes so it is very important that every team have a representative at the meeting.

Good luck to everyone this year!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

2018 Archdiocesan Champs - Final Results

Congrats to our overall champions - St Eleanor (Girls) and St Andrew - Newtown!

Final Results & Team Scores

We had two new meet records on the day - Gesu in the NG 4x100 and Nicholas Bressi in MB HJ.

Friday, May 25, 2018

2018 Archdiocesan Champs!

2018 Archdiocesan Champs Program - there will be no copies on site except for officials. (I recommend double siding the print if you can) 

2018 Performance List

2018 Lane Assignments Only

LIVE RESULTS - Lexicon Timing


weather/ shelter update - Friday 6/1/18 - 4pm

If forced to evacuate, we will shelter in place at Franklin Field in the concourse.

Shot Put athletes / spectators / officials will shelter at Hollenbach Annex. There will be a security guard on-site to direct the individuals.

weather update - Thursday 5/31/18- 8pm

*****We are seeing some weather forecasts that are predicting potentially severe thunderstorms including heavy rainfalls in short periods of time, especially in the afternoon.

At Archdiocesan Champs we try to not let the running events to get more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Due to the current forecast, we are suspending this policy. We will run all the running events as quickly as possible.

As of this moment, we do not yet anticipate accelerating the field events beyond their scheduled start times, however, conditions may force our hand. 

A couple of reminders with this change in policy in mind:

Athletes are required to report to the paddock / field event venue when the event is called. Please do not wait for additional calls and do not attempt to game the weather by waiting until the last minute. We will close the paddock / field event and move on to other events once all the clerk-in procedures are performed for athletes on the field. Because we are accelerating running events, and potentially field events, I recommend that all athletes report at least 1.5 hours ahead of their scheduled start times.

THE MEET WILL RUN RAIN OR SHINE. We will suspend activity for severe weather, but resume activity on the track and field as soon as it is safe. 

We (CYO Track & Field) do not control when the event will be suspended. The University of Pennsylvania will inform us when we have to leave and when we can return. This decision is based on the proximity of lightening strikes to the stadium or other severe weather conditions that impact the venue's safety.

Put your Mary statues in the window! *******

Reminders on various topics:
  • Athletes and relays are expected to report to the field when called. Athletes and relays that do not report timely to the paddock will not be permitted to participate. 
  • Coaches and athletes are expected to be familiar with event conflict rules. See page 14 of the Track Packet. If you are in doubt about how to handle event conflicts, please ask in advance of the meet!
  • Every team should be represented by a coach or an adult at the coaches meeting.
  • Athletes may NOT use the fly zone for the 4x200m per CYO Track and Field rules
  • All 4x200s this year will be 2 turn staggers (first 2 legs in lanes, 3rd and 4th legs may break in)
  • 4x400s will use a waterfall start from the gun. The 1st leg will not be run in lanes. There will be 2 heats.
  • All relay exchanges must be made within the applicable exchange zone. Please educate your athletes and do not rely on officials to inform them of the relay rules or position them on the track.
  • Lane preference at Franklin Field for all races run entirely in lanes: 6,7,8,9,5,4,3,2
  • The "natural 400 meter" lane at Franklin Field is now lane 4. There will be cones between lanes 3 and 4 all around the track for the 4x800m, 1600m, 800m, and 4x400m. Please prepare your athletes for this in advance!
  • Shot Put is outside the stadium, at the Rivers Fields (next to the turf Rhodes field). There will be signs directing athletes and spectators from Franklin Field. An open pit is held beginning at 9am for Shot Put athletes with conflicts later in the day. Directions to River Fields Parking Lot (for parking purposes only)
  • Teams must provide their own batons for all relay races
  • Medals will be awarded to the to the top 6 individuals and relays in all events. Team awards will be given out for overall scoring to top 3 boys and girls teams. Medals will be awarded from the alcove by the Northwest Gate (as we have in the past). Medals not picked up before the conclusion of the meet will be forfeited. Please be courteous when picking up your medals. 
  • Results will be posted near the awards table.
  • Commemorative t-shirts and lightweight CYO track and field hoodie long sleeves will be for sale in the alcove near the Southwest Gate
  • Seating will be open in the South and East Stands and a small section in the North Stands near long jump. Admission is free

HJ Opening Heights

NG - 3'6"       NB - 3' 10"
MG - 4'2"     MB - 4' 6"
CG - 4'4"       CB - 4' 10"


Sunday, April 8, 2018

2018 CYO Night at the Penn Relays

MEET PROGRAM - Download and print, not available on site.

CYO Night at the Penn Relays History

Results will be posted live on Flash Results website. (link updated to meet database)

THE MEET WILL RUN RAIN OR SHINE! We will delay only for thunderstorms. Dress appropriately! The uniform rules in CYO require only that athletes be wearing matching team uniforms that clearly identify the team.

Please review the security procedures and other notices in the official Penn Relay fan guide. We will be sitting in the South & part of the East Stands only.

Coaches are reminded that qualifying teams need to pick up their bibs and passes promptly after they are announced. The scoring area will close 20 minutes after the last race is completed and bibs will not be delivered after Tuesday night. 


PURCHASE TICKETS HERE: thepennrelays.com/promo - enter code PR18CYO

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

2018 CYO Track Season Starts March 1st!

2018 CYO Track & Field Packet 

No competition changes in 2018. Good luck to everyone this season!

The 2018 Meet Set Up will be updated soon.