Monday, February 9, 2015

Region / Division Commissioners Meeting - Tuesday, February 24, 2015

At Archbishop Carroll HS - 7pm to 8:15pm
  •  Each Region Commissioner or someone representing the Region Commissioner must attend this meeting.  
  • Any Region not represented will not be allowed to participate in their area Championship Meet
  • All CYO Track and Field  coaches are invite

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

2015 Track and Field Season Begins March 1st! Region/Division Commissioner Meeting - 2/9/15

Track Packet is now updated and available online.  Every coach should download and review.  Major changes have been highlighted below.

There is a meeting for Region/Division Commissioners next Monday night at Archbishop Carroll HS. All coaches should have been invited to attend by their region commissioner.  Any coach who would like to step into a leadership position in their Region /Area for CYO Track and Field is encouraged to attend.

  1. Elimination of the Grade Requirement.  Like Cross Country, Track and Field was given permission by the Archdiocese to eliminate the requirement that Novices be in at least 4th grade.  Therefore, all age groups are now determined solely by age as of December 31, 2014 and 3rd graders who were born in 2005 are eligible to compete as Novices this year. Note: elimination of the grade requirement as it previously pertained to Novices only, individuals who have graduated 8th grade are NOT eligible to participate in grade school CYO athletics, regardless of their age.
  2. Area Relay Advancers have been reduced from 6 per Area to 5.  
  3. Area Medalist - We have returned to awarding medals to only the top 6 athletes/relay teams at Area Champs
  4. The Archdiocesan Track &Field Fee was increased from $10 to $11 per athlete.
  5. All Region and Areas are required to use Automatic Timing for their Championship Meets
Franklin Field is again undergoing construction this year following UPenn graduation, therefore we are still in search of a site for Archdiocesan Champs.  Once a location has been confirmed, I will post it here online.

I haven't updated the Hy-Tek meet set-up for region/area meets yet. I will post it online once I have done so.