Monday, February 11, 2013

Its (almost) Track & Field Season!

The 2013 CYO Track and Field Season officially begins March 1!

I have updated the links section to include the 2013 Track and Field Packet and the Meet Set Up for a 2013 Region Meet. 

While we haven't changed or added any events this year, there is an important change to the CYO Track and Field Program this year which concerns the Region and Area structure.

Following the 2012 CYO Track & Field Season, the Track & Field Committee examined the Region and Area structure.  It was determined that a re-configuration of the Area structures would produce a more balanced program.

Beginning in 2013, the CYO Track & Field Program will move from 4 Areas (A,C,D,E) to 3 Areas (A,C,D).  Region 10 and Region 17 of the old Area E will move to Area A and Region 18/21 and 32 will move to Area D.  Saint Katherine's of Siena in Philadelphia will join Region 19 in Area C.

It is expected that every Area will have 4 Region/Division Championship Meets to determine Area participants beginning in 2013 and beyond.

This chart details each team by Area, as well as their new "team code" for Meet Manager.

It is expected that the number of athletes per Area will now be much more comparable.  In 2012 the breakdown was approximately as follows:

Area A - 950
Area C - 1,600
Area D - 1,130
Area E - 1,530

Total - 5,210

Under the new structure, the breakdown in 2012 would have been:

Area A - 1,760
Area C - 1,650
Area D - 1,800

Total - 5,210

As a result of these changes, each Area meet will now score 8 places per event and advance the top 8 individuals and the top 6 relays per event.  That's right, there will be 2 extra relay teams at Archdiocesan Champs this year for every relay event!

Now for some sad news. We were informed last week that due to re-surfacing/field work being done at the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field, we will not be able to host the Archdiocesan Championship Meet there this year.  A location for Champs has not yet been decided.  The CYO Night at the Penn Relays WILL BE at Franklin Field as usual.

Good Luck to everyone this year!