Monday, April 21, 2008

Region/Area Champs Meet set up 2.0


There was an error in the division set up of the original Archdiocesan Championship Meet back up file. Thanks to those who found it and let me know. I have fixed the divisions to the correct age group in the new file over on the right under "Links" -->. You will NOT need to update the divisions, they are all calculating correctly at this time.

(For reference, divisions should read like this (and only this) for 2008:

1 N Novice 9 - 10 12/31/98 > 1/1/97
2 M Minor 11 - 12 12/31/96>1/1/95
3 C Cadet 13 - 15 12/31/94>1/1/92
4 O 4x800 9 - 15 12/31/98>1/1/92)

So, everything posted below still applies. Only addendum is that you can obviously change the meet name (e.g. Archdiocesan Champs to Region 20 champs) location, start & end date. DO NOT adjust the age up date when/if it asks you to. The age up date is set to 12/31/07 as it should be.

Please call/email if you have any questions!

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