Saturday, April 12, 2008

Penn Relays 2

In response to the comment on my last post -

The Penn Relays roster form is included in the 2008 Track Packet. I have fixed the link on the right (--->) and it should work now.

Reminder, you can submit your relay roster by fax (215-887-4429), email (myself or, or standard post (see track packet for address). Sadly, Pony Express no longer available. Again, I'll post an updated list of every parish registered, by gender and age group, on Tuesday. (most likely by lunch)

The packet includes the track committee's desire for all coaches to communicate the honor of competing in the Penn Relays and some of the special history involved. Here is a link to Penn's own history page, although its a bit long winded for the kids, I'm sure it will teach everyone something. Penn Relays History

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