Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday October 21 Meet - Parking Armageddon

To all,

I have just been informed that there are two college cross country races at the Plateau on Sunday morning.  One starts at 10 AM and the second starts at 11 AM.  Awards follow the second race.

Because parking will be a nightmare and course set up will also be challenging, I am asking all teams delay their arrival at the Plateau until after 12 PM.  If this means that the first race is delaying and does not start until 1:15, so be it.  As I recall from last year, the college teams did not clear out of there until after 12:30 PM

Please, please, please ask your parents not to come early for the first race.  The college teams arrive in buses and vans and they tend to park along the access road.  That is where most of the congestion will occur.  I would like to avoid any nasty confrontations between CYO folks and the college folks.


Mary Ellen

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