Friday, October 26, 2012

Archdiocesan XC Champs - Sunday!

Just a reminder that this Sunday is Archdiocesan XC Champs!

At Champs, the race schedule changes to the following:

1pm - Novice Girls

followed by:

Novice Boys
Minor Girls
Minor Boys
Cadet Girls
Cadet Boys
3rd Grade Boys and Girls
2nd Grade Boys and Girls
1st Grade Boys and Girls
Kindergarten Boys and Girls

Award Ceremony to follow immediately after the completion of the Sub-Novice races.

Due to the forecast weather conditions, we will be trying to get the races off as quickly as possible.  I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU ARRIVE EARLY.  As there is no preset time for any race to begin, we will begin as soon as we can.

Official Philadelphia CYO Cross Country Long Sleeve T-Shirts will be for sale on Sunday at the meet.  Sweat orders should also be picked up on Sunday, the earlier the better.

Good Luck to everyone this Sunday!

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