Friday, October 28, 2011



1.) SHUTTLE/PARKING AT THE MANN IS CANCELLED!  - Apologies for the confusion, but they are hosting a circus in the parking lot at the Mann Music Center. We were not aware of this when we set this up. Again, I am sorry, but there will be no parking at the Mann or Shuttle back and forth. All parking will be in the Belmont lots and on streets surrounding the plateau. I encourage athletes/teams to carpool as much as possible and arrive extra early to ensure enough time to get ready for your races. Please be aware of where you are parking, and do not park across the course!

2.) SNOW - Apparently its going to snow Saturday. We are still going to run on Sunday. This is our last chance to run Champs this year. We will be running. Please dress appropriately, as the current forecast is for high temperatures in the mid 40s. Remember, there are no concessions, bring your own hot chocolate! (and some for me)

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