Thursday, September 4, 2008

More info on Rostering - UPDATED

update - I got the link for the coach's eligibility affidavit to work. previously it was not available.

Ok, more info is trickling down. I have information on how the rostering process should go:

1.) Use Form 1 (.pdf version) to submit the information necessary to have a number assigned to your athletes. Submit this form to Mary Ellen Malloy no later than 10:00 PM on the Thursday before the athlete’s first meet. Mary Ellen’s e-mail address is as follows:

2.) Complete the traditional roster form (.pdf version) to roster athletes for cross country. One roster for Boys (Novice, Minor and Cadet) in alphabetical order, one roster for Girls (Novice, Minor and Cadet) in alphabetical order, and a third roster for Subnovices (boys and girls combined) in alphabetical order. The roster must be handed in with all required signatures and a completed coach’s eligibility affidavit and check in payment of the roster fee in order for you to receive your athlete’s numbers. Checks should be made payable to Philadelphia CYO-Cross Country.

3.) Roster fees are as follows:

$8 for each of the first ten boys and $8 for each of the first ten girls

$3 for each additional boy and $3 for each addition girl
$3 for each sub novices.

(i.e. a team with 14 girls, 10 boys, and 3 subnovices would pay $181 ($92+$80+$9))

You can submit Form 1 and additional rosters forms for additional runners through the meet on October 12, 2008.

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