Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 Cross Country Updates

The Archdiocesan Cross Country Commissioner Mary Ellen Malloy has asked me to use this site to keep people updated for this year's CYO Cross Country season, and I am, of course, happy to oblige. Please remember that Mary Ellen is the Commissioner, meaning she has the final say on how things are run, and all questions about Cross Country should be directed to her (SunriseXC@aol.com) .

Due to unforeseen complications, CYO sports' online rostering initiative has been suspended until further notice. We'll be going back to the old days of paper rosters for the '08 Cross Country season. I will post the roster forms later today so that everyone can download them. Please turn in your rosters at the first meet.

Also new this year, Kindergarteners will be allowed to participate at all Cross Country meets, and all Subnovices should be rostered.

The first Cross Country meet is Sunday, September 14th.

A reminder that parking spots along the finish line chute on the access road are reserved for meet officals and that clown with the starter's pistol.

Parking on the grass beside the access road is PROHIBITED by the PHILADELPHIA POLICE DEPARTMENT! You WILL be ticketed if you park on the grass (to the tune of $100 I believe). This is a saftey issue, if people park on the road and the grass, its neigh impossible for emergency medical vechiles and police to get down the access road and turn around. We have had problems in the past when runners inevitably pass out or step on debris while running and need medical attention. Please help us keep our runners (and our operating permit) safe!

Parents and coaches are also reminded that they are not to stand on the access road side of the chute to take photographs. All spectators are asked to stand behind the rope line during races.

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