Monday, April 23, 2007

Spikes at Penn Relays

The following is a reminder of the note was sent to all area commissioners to be disseminated to all the coaches.

Penn Relays has advised us that CYO teams are not permitted to use spikes at the Penn Relay Trials on Tuesday, nor at the Penn Relays on Friday.

We will be checking for spikes in the Paddock Area on both Tuesday and Friday. Any athlete who is found to be wearing spikes will be suspended for rest of the 2007 season and their coach will also be suspended for the rest of the season.

Running flats or shoes that take spikes without the spikes in them are permitted. Anything that resembles or functions as a spike can not be used.

It should be noted that shoes that accept spikes do not need to have blanks in them, they simply cannot have spikes in them.


Anonymous said...

George - I heard a rumor that you're considering the use of spikes for Friday's Penn Relay finals. PLEASE do not change policy less than 24 hours before the race. That puts runners that do not have spikes at a distinct disadvantage. We specifically discussed this issue in the paddock on Tuesday - and you left no room for a reversal of the decision. This would be unfair to the runners that do not have an opportunity to purchase spikes before tomorrow morning. Feel free to contact the St Mary Magdalen coaches (Joe Malloy and Judy Putsch) to discuss. Our numbers are on the Penn Relays Registration form.

Anonymous said...

although ifully understand your position. I went friday to purchase spikes and kept the receipt just in case. You do what you have to do and expect the unexpected.