Saturday, January 20, 2024

2024 CYO Track & Field Packet

CYO Track & Field Season begins March 1st!

Here is the packet for 2024. (Updated 2.26.24) There is only one major addition to the packet is on page 12 - to the code of conduct. (Copied below)

2024 Roster - excel



All communications, including electronic communication (phone calls, email, texting, social media), with Archdiocesan, Area, and Region CYO Track & Field officials before, during, and after the season is expressly covered by the code of conduct. Parents are FORBIDDEN from contacting track & field officials electronically. Only coaches or region/ area officials may contact meet officials electronically. Violations will result in sanctions against the parent and athlete. Parents should report their concerns to their coach and ask their advice on how to address the matter. Coaches and Regional Officials are NOT PERMITTED to continue to debate scheduling, rules, meet decisions, or any other decisions made by officials, commissioners, and the track and field committee after being told a decision is final by the appropriate party. Violations of this rule will immediately qualify as at least a Level 1d suspension. Repeated violations will result in sanctions of the offending party’s CYO Track & Field team, as determined by the Track & Field Committee.


Exception: Parents may contact officials to report suspected abusive behavior. False reports, or reports not made in good faith will be considered a violation of the electronic communication policy.


***CYO Officials not associated with CYO Track & Field will be assumed to be speaking on behalf of the team(s) affected by the issue at hand. Sanctions will be leveled against the team(s) affected by the issue at hand***

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