Monday, May 22, 2017

2017 Archdiocesan Champs

2017 Performance List

2017 Archdiocesan Champs Program - there will be no copies on site except for officials. (I recommend double siding the print if you can) - PLEASE NOTE - There was an error indicating that some age group shot puts were in different location. That has been corrected. All of the shot put competitions are adjacent to Rhodes Fields. Sorry for the confusion.

LIVE RESULTS - Lexicon Timing

UPDATE - The 100m finals have been adjusted and will include 9 finalists - the heat winners and the next 6 best times.


Convention Ave - a connecting street between South and 33rd / Civic Center Blvd will be closed until 11am tomorrow. The Penn Museum Parking Lot will still be open.

Reminders on these topics:
  • 3 heats of 5 teams in the 4x200m for every age group
  • Athletes may NOT use the fly zone for the 4x200m per CYO Track and Field rules
  • All 4x200s this year will be 2 turn staggers (first 2 runners in lanes, 3rd and 4th legs may break in)
  • 4x400s will use a waterfall start from the gun. The 1st leg will not be run in lanes. There will be 2 heats.
  • Lane preference at Franklin Field for all races run entirely in lanes: 6,7,8,9,5,4,3,2
  • The "natural 400 meter" lane at Franklin Field is now lane 4. There will be cones between lanes 3 and 4 all around the track for the 4x800m, 1600m, 800m, and 4x400m. Please prepare your athletes for this in advance!
  • Shot Put is outside the stadium, at the Rivers Fields (next to the turf Rhodes field). There will be signs directing athletes and spectators from Franklin Field. An open pit is held beginning at 9am for Shot Put athletes with conflicts later in the day. Directions to River Fields Parking Lot (for parking purposes only)

HJ Opening Heights

NG - 3'4"       NB - 3' 8"
MG - 3'10"     MB - 4' 2"
CG - 4'4"       CB - 4' 10"

Teams must provide their own batons for all relay races.

Medals will be awarded to the to top 6 individuals and relays in all events. Team awards will be given out for overall scoring to top 3 boys and girls teams. Medals will be awarded from the alcove by the Northwest Gate (as we have in the past). Medals not picked up before the conclusion of the meet will be forfeited.

Results will be posted near the awards table.

Commemorative t-shirts ($15) and CYO track dri-fit long sleeve shirts ($20) will be for sale in the alcove near the Southwest Gate

Seating will be open in the South and East Stands and a small section in the North Stands near long jump. Admission is free.

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