Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 Cross Country Season!

2016 CYO XC Packet - uploaded compressed version, should download easier.

RESULTS - Courtesy Second Wind Timing. Assuming we have a strong enough signal, results will be uploaded live throughout the day.

Coaches meeting materials  - Please note the instructions to sign up for the remind service here! Please give to your parents. Also note the disclaimer about sub-novices possibly being moved to start of the meet.

Roster form

At our coaches' request, I am copying Section 10 of the packet and posting online:

It is always the coach’s responsibility to be aware of all of the cross country rules, to abide by them and to make all parents and spectators associated with their team aware of the rules and the penalties.  Any violation by spectators or parents associated with a particular team will be assessed to the team.

  1. All runners and parents must stay behind the ropes at all times.  Do not interfere with the races. 
  2. If a spectator or parent is asked to leave an area and does not comply immediately, the result may be disqualification for the team from that particular race.
  3. No pacing is permitted.  Pacing is when a person runs alongside the runner to offer encouragement.  This person can be a coach, a parent, a spectator or a teammate.  This will result in immediate disqualification of any runner in question.
  4. No runner may receive assistance from any person outside the course.  No one may receive water or food during the race.
  5. A runner in the race may not be touched by an official or spectator.
  6. No one is permitted on the access road side of the finish line.  If you must be on the road, you must be on the far side of all the vehicles.
  7. No one is permitted in the woods except for the runners in the race and they marshals.
  8. Let the starter do his job without suggestions and complaints from the spectators.
  9. All spectators, parents and coaches must leave the starting line area when requested by the starter.
  10. No child is to be approached while in the chute.  All parents, friends, coaches and teammates should greet the runners after they have exited the chute area.
  11. Results posted at the meet are unofficial.  All official results will be posted on-line.
  12. The meet director has the authority to stop the races at any point in time if coaches, spectators or parents are not abiding by the rules. The races can be resumed when the situation is corrected or the remainder of the races can be cancelled.
  13. All are to conduct themselves in a Catholic Christian manner.

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