Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 CYO Night at the Penn Relays - Final Updates

Please download your program and print at home. They will not be available on-site.

Live Results tonight at Flash Results 

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I will continue to update this post as information about security and the entrance site becomes available.  Seating will be restricted to the South Stands once again this year.  The Northeast Gate and the Southeast Gate will both be open for athletes and spectators to enter Franklin Field.

The following notice was sent to the the Area Commissioners to be sent to all coaches.  Please remember that we are guests of the University of Pennsylvania and the Penn Relays this week and that the additional security is there for our safety.


We have spoken to the University of Pennsylvania officials about security for this year’s Penn Relays, including CYO Night at the Penn Relays.  Please refer to this official release from UPenn and The Penn Relays website:

Specific procedures for checking visitors and bags have yet not been put in place for this Tuesday’s meet.  However, we strongly encourage everyone to follow the following guidelines to make the security checks go as smooth as possible:

Arrive early and be patient as the security checks will be longer and more thorough than in previous years.  At this point we believe the only entrance will be via the gates under the South Stands.
  1. NO backpacks, computer bags, etc for any adults or non-participating students.
  2. NO Gym Bags or Duffle bags, luggage bags, etc.
  3. BACKPACKS WILL BE ALLOWED FOR PARTICIPATING RELAY ATHLETES ONLY.  Please refer to the Penn guidelines for acceptable items.  We suggest that only running spikes, food/drink and clothing changes be in these bags.
  4. NO reusable metal or plastic screw top water bottles. Please bring only sealed clear plastic water bottles or athletic drinks.  Refer to the Penn release on clear plastic food bags.
  5. Small purses or handbags only.
  6. NO Coolers.
  7. All batons will be provided by the Penn Relays, so there is no need for any team to bring a baton on Tuesday night. 

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