Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Track & Field Update!

The 2012 CYO Track & Field season is right around the corner and we have some exciting changes to announce:

  1. We have a new event this year - the Open 4x400 Meter Relay! Perhaps track & field's most dramatic and exciting relay is finally coming CYO! Similar to the Open 4x800, the 1st leg will be run by a novice, the 2nd by a minor, and the 3rd and 4th legs can be filled from any age group.
  2. We have a new order of events to accommodate the 4x400.
  3. We have also increased the distance limit to 3000 meters for all competitors. Event participation limits remain the same (3 for Novice/Minors, 4 - Cadets)

Check out all the changes and the complete Philadelphia CYO 2012 Track & Field Packet by downloading the .pdf.

I have also put online the 2012 Archdiocesan Track & Field Championship Meet back-up, which should be used as the base for all Region/Division and Area Championships. If you have a new team in your Region/Division/Area to add, please contact me. The division and age-up date are set correctly. Meet directors' only changes should be to lane preferences.  If you have questions or need to change something else, please contact me.

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