Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mann Music Center Parking Lot Shuttle

To alleviate some of the parking concerns that have presented themselves in light of the awesome number of kids registered to run this year (1,900 + and counting), we have arranged for off site parking at the Mann Music Center.  We are asking for a $1 donation per person to help cover the cost of the bus. Answers to your (hypothetical) questions below:

Q: Where do I park my car?
A:Mann Music Center - gravel parking lot, please do NOT PARK ON THE GRASS! (after all, they are letting us park there for free!)

Here is a link for Google Maps Directions, here is a satellite overview with some basic driving directions.
Q: When does the shuttle start running? When does it stop?
A: 12pm - 4:30pm

Q: What's the estimated frequency?
A: Approximately every 15 mins

Q:Where does is this take me? Where can I get back on to get my car?
A: Concessions stand parking lot at the Plateau.

Q: If my kid is on the shuttle, will you hold the race for us?
A: Absolutely not! Make sure you are leaving yourself a comfortable time cushion when coming down to the plateau, with enough time to park, get settled and warm up before you race.
As always, please take care to lock your cars and keep your valuables out of sight. There will be no attendants on site at the Mann parking site.

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