Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 Penn Relays Program

Here is the 2010 CYO Night at the Penn Relays Program. Please download and print out for yourself! There will be no copies on hand to purchase.

Also, we have a request for everyone who attends the meet, please make sure your area is clean before leaving. Clean up is one of the largest costs to CYO to run our qualifying meet at Penn. We need everyone in the stands to make a conscious effort to clear their area of trash and personal items that are left behind. Even if the items are not yours, we encourage you to take them with you to help us keep the costs down.

Finally, a reminder that seating will be restricted to the South and East stands. The entrance to the stadium will only be thru the South Stands as well. You will be permitted to walk around the East Stands.

See you next Tuesday!


TK said...

What uniform restrictions are there? If one athlete wears a shirt under their uniform top or wears Under Armour pants must all do so? Thanks.

Terry O'Connell said...

There are no uniform or jewelry restrictions in CYO beyond wearing the same jersey.