Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 Season Results

As we wait for the World Series to restart....(never mind, that's not going to happen tonight!)

Here are the complete results for the year, and the overall team scores. Thanks for everyone who helped make this another great and successful season. NEW: Division Scores.

Update: Oops... forgot the subnovices.

Contrast Photos

Also a note from the commish on the postseason meeting:

Meeting is Tuesday, October 28 at St. Anastasia at 7:00 PM in the hall under the church. Coaches need to bring:

  • entry forms for the Delaware meet for all participating athletes
  • a copy of the current AAU card and birth certificate
  • ten dollar entry fee.
You will also need to know which athletes are committing to going to nationals. Please bring any information about the subnovices or high school kids who are participating.

Finally, I just want to let everyone know that I have absolutely nothing to do with the postseason, and any question should be emailed directly to Mary Ellen.


Anonymous said...

Where can we find the sub-novice results?

Anonymous said...

is there any way that team scores from the six races can be posted. ? Our runners are interested in how they did within their divisions. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

can we get division team scores ? thanks

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can post results from the Felton, Delaware meet, or do have a link to take us there?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your hard work. Where can we find the results from the AAU Mid Atlantic race on 11/9/08?