Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2006 - 2010 XC results

All - 
Here are the combined 2006-2010 CYO XC Results for all teams, runners and races.  It is a zipped Excel file.  Please read the overview and notes on the first tab.  The reports on the other tabs are interactive pivot tables that allow you to view different years, teams, etc.  For example, you can see how your team's runners have progressed thru the years as they've changed race groups and who has the best times over the last 5 years in each division for your team.  The list was compiled by Charlie Stone of MMR parish and if there's enough interest Charlie will update with the 2010 Champs results and maintain this next year.  Please email questions, comments or corrections to him at charles_stone@verizon.net
Remember - Courses can and have change (not always distance, but direction), and conditions are always a variable. This is for fun, not for absolute judgment.  We will NOT be creating course records from this information, so please don't ask!

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